Community Service

Hi everyone,

Community Service is alive and well at AAM! During the course of 2014, the AAM raised over RM102,270! These funds were raised during the Mardi Gras and Pink October events; the AAM Annual Bazaar, including the bake sale and the white elephant sale; the quilt auction; the Giving Tree; the “happy meal” voucher drive; and a generous donation from the AAM general fund voted on by the Board. We all know there is a lot of belt tightening at the moment, within businesses, corporations and perhaps our own families, so the fact that we, as an organization, can still give so much back to our local community is commendable. Not only does the AAM have a new location, but a new perspective on Community Service.

I hope you were there to help us “share the love” during the AAM Annual Charity Check Presentation in February. Charitable organizations that consistently strive to help their community received their donations from the AAM. Most of these charities are those, who by nature of their work, are not able to participate in the AAM Bazaar.

Now let’s take a look forward at some new Community Service happenings. Zumba anyone? March Madness is a phenomenon that grips our national sports psyche. At the AAM, we’re doing the same with Zumba and Boot Camp classes on 9 and 23 March. Proceeds from these healthy and fun activities will be generously donated by our instructor, Gosia and will go to the AAM general charitable fund. And now Coffee Mornings at The Troika, organized and hosted by our Membership Director, will help to support AAM charities too.

Interested in visiting one of our charities? I’d like to arrange for a group of us to pay a visit to donate the “happy meal” vouchers and/or funds during the month of March. If you’re interested, please send me an email and together we can arrange the how/ when/where. (As of 31 December 2014 approximately RM784 was raised. The Lighthouse Children Home and Rumah Hope had approximately 54 children each at that time.)

Yes, I can say that Community Service at the AAM is alive and well and so is the perception of the service itself. It includes an ongoing learning process, evolving and changing. The AAM is trying new things, taking a new approach, and, as always, open to suggestions and volunteers.

Thank you for all of your support.