Dignity for Children ( 

In March, a group of AAM members visited Dignity for Children Foundation in Sentul, an AAM-supported charity. Dignity is one of the largest one-stop learning centers for urban poor children in Malaysia and currently serves 700 children between the ages of 2 - 17 with education programs from preschool to secondary and vocational training. AAM members were warmly welcomed with songs conducted and sung by students. Then, AAM members toured the facilities and had the opportunity to speak with students and teachers, many of whom had returned to Dignity after their own graduation. Dignity for Children’s passion for education is evident in all that it does.

Dignity for Children Foundation has asked for our help in supplying some of their needs they have every day to support their mission.  Your donation of any of the items listed below would be greatly appreciated. Please drop off any donations at the AAM office @ The Troika.  Email for more information.

Housekeeping Supplies: dishwashing liquid, sponges, hand washing soap, garbage bags (all sizes), toilet paper packs, window cleaner, toilet cleaner, clorox bleach, cloths to wipe tables, cloths to wipe plates.

Groceries: peanut butter, jam, cooking oil, rice (10 kilo), condensed milk, milk (UHT), soya sauce, drinking water, sardines, milo (3 in one pkts)

Fugee School (


My name is Deborah Henry and I co-founded and run Fugee School, which is an education centre for refugee children living in Malaysia. We started the school in May 2009 and we are located in Gombak which is about 20 minutes on the Duke Highway.

We currently have 100 students age 4-18 years old. Most of our students are Somali with a few from Nigeria and Syria.

The purpose for my email is that we have just started an ‘English as a Second Language’ course for the youth and young adults and we are looking for a few volunteers to help teach. Ideally they should

have qualifications to teach English but we will also accept anyone who has had some prior teaching experience and can do their own lesson plans.

Our current teaching timetable: 3 classes a week, 1.5 hour sessions 3x a week from10:30–12noonOR12–2pm.
Saturday is possible, too.

Please look at our website,, for more information.
Hope to hear from you soon. :)

Many Thanks


012 2322391