Supported Charities

Want to get involved? Here are a few organizations that could use your help:

Home for Physically Abused Women & Children

Focus: Halfway home for abused women and children

Contact: Josephine Niles – 019-208-0015


Little Sisters of the Poor

Focus: St. Francis Xavier Home for the Elderly

Contact: Sister Marie Jeanne - 03-9131-1464


Malaysian Association for the Blind

Contact: George Thomas - 03-2272-2672


Montfort Boys Town

Focus: Home for underprivileged boys

Contact: Volunteer Coordinator – 03-5519-1735


National Autism Society of Malaysia

Contact: Volunteer Coordinator – 03- 4022-3744


National Cancer Society

Contact: Adeline Joseph – 03- 2698-7300


Good Shepherd Welfare Center

Focus: Teenage girls experiencing conflicts and neglect

Contact: Sister Salami Cruz – 03-4256-3941


Rumah Charis

Focus: home for the elderly

Contact: Rev. Teo How Ken – 03- 7783-7642


Rumah Hope

Focus: Abused and neglected children

Contact: Ms. Paul/Ms. Pagwant 03-7954-5523


Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Focus: humane treatment of animals and a stray free Malaysia

Contact: Mea Wheatley – 03-4256-5312


Tasputra Perkim

Focus: day care for physically, mentally and visually handicapped children

Contact: Hajjah Elahe Norman – 03-4251-6100


The Pure Life

Focus: home for homeless children

Contact: Volunteer Coordinator – 03-7782-9391


The Society for Severely Mentally Handicapped

Focus: day care and training to severely disabled children

Contact: Bernard Lee – 03- 7874-6703


Women’s Aid Organization

Focus: shelters victims of domestic abuse

Contact: Volunteer Coordinator 03-7957-563