What is AAM?

The American Association of Malaysia (AAM) is a non-profit organization comprised of both Americans and non-Americans living in Malaysia. We have over 100 member families, with about 10% of our membership consisting of members from other nationalities, including many local residents.

Our purpose is twofold:
1. To serve as a social and support network for our members

To this end, we organize numerous social, educational and cultural events for families and adults. Be sure to check out our Facebook page to see our upcoming activities to join in the fun! 

2. To give back to our local community

AAM organizes various charitable events, drives and volunteering activities.We believe that while it is important to enjoy our time here in Malaysia, we must also use this opportunity to give something back to the local community.

Our fundraising activities range from fun-filled charity tournaments to the ever-popular charity bazaar.

To learn more about our numerous volunteering efforts, visit our Community Service page.