Reservations, Payment & Cancellation Policies

Reservation & Payment Policy

Event and Activity reservations can be made via email to
  • If the reservation is made via email, the AAM will send you an acknowledgment receipt and advise whether or not the activity is still available.
  • Fees MUST be paid within 48 hours of signing up for an event or activity. You will not be “confirmed” for the event/activity until payment in full has been received by the AAM.
  • You may pay by cash/check/bank transfer to the AAM bank account directly. If you wish to deposit cash/check payments to the AAM’s bank account, please contact the AAM for account information and instructions (your bank may charge you a minimal fee for this service).
  • We cannot accept credit card payments at the AAM.

Cancellation Policy
  • Reservations MUST be cancelled FIVE BUSINESS DAYS prior to the activity in order to received a refund. If you do not cancel your reservation within this time period or you are a no-show the day of the Event/Activity, a refund will not be issued.
  • For Events/Activities that have a required minimum attendance, AAM reserves the right to cancel or reschedule when circumstances warrant.
  • Each Event/Activity will have a sign up deadline date and we must adhere to those dates. This allows instructors of classes to gather all required materials or tour companies to arrange the proper transportation for our group.
  • If you still have not made payment by the reservation deadline for an Event/Activity, your name will be automatically removed from the sign-up sheet and there will be no further correspondence from the AAM To avoid disappointment, please make your payment within 48 hours of making your reservation.

Solicitation policy

Solicitation of business by any member or guest is not allowed at any AAM function without prior board approval. Members are requested to respectfully observe the policy that membership information is to be used solely for AAM business and is not to be used for personal or business solicitation purposes. If you are interested in sharing your talents/services with the AAM, please contact the AAM.