The Resale Value of Electric Cars

The Resale Value of Electric Cars

After one year of ownership, the average new car can lose up to twenty thousand dollars of its value due to depreciation – or the gradual decrease in value over time. A brand-new car may start with a sticker price of fifty thousand dollars but only sell for twenty thousand after three years. There are many reasons for this loss in value; oftentimes it can be attributed solely to the original owner who may have chosen an unpopular color combination, driven too hard on city streets or neglected maintenance properly.

Electric vehicles create no noise or exhaust fumes

Many who live in cities and on city streets find this to be a major benefit of electric vehicles, since not only do they not produce any noise from internal combustion engines, but they are also free from tailpipe pollution. While not completely zero pollution, electric cars for sale in san diego are much cleaner than gasoline-powered counterparts.

Most electric vehicles do not feature a transmission

Many people who dislike shift-y gears and clutch pedals on their vehicles will appreciate this benefit, however it also comes at the cost of towing something behind you if your car lacks this capability. Unfortunately, electric vehicles typically lack the capability to tow anything so if you own one of these models then this option is unavailable to you.

The range of an electric vehicle depends on its battery capacity

One major disadvantage of electric vehicles is that they require charging when not plugged in. Without access to a charging station, your car could potentially become useless as most can only travel a few hundred miles on one charge. So if you don’t have access to your own charger, consider parking it somewhere with one nearby or making arrangements with friends or family members who will keep their car topped off and charged up.

Electric vehicles cannot tow anything

Most people who don’t want to tow something behind their vehicle don’t have much trouble with this, but it does come up occasionally. For instance, if you plan on going camping or taking a long road trip, you’ll need either access to electric outlets or another type of electric vehicle charging station.

Most modern electric vehicles can only be driven in one gear

Unfortunately, most electric cars available today only provide power for one gear at a time. This severely limits their capabilities and the smooth shifting of gears you can enjoy; so if you prefer the one-gear model, it may not be suitable.