Used Car Dealers in South Indianapolis

Used Car Dealers in South Indianapolis

About Indianapolis Used Cars

If anyone lived around these parts for a long, then there is a good opportunity that they have heard the car seller’s name before. See, they are not just a popular used car dealer outside of Indianapolis, IN. They are also the largest automotive group in the state of Indiana.

oak motors south IN is the leading buy here pay here car dealer. They offer quality vehicles with a warranty for 36,000 miles or 36 months to all customers regardless of their credit history.

Among all these different dealerships,  they specialize in a wide range of brands and classes of vehicles. This collective expertise is tied together here at the used car dealership where one can find a massive and diverse selection.

It is advised just check out their inventory online today. Here, one can compare specifications and features and can receive price quotes. After anyone found something that they like then they can give our team a call. Their sales consultants will be happy to arrange a test drive for the client as soon as possible.

Buy Here, Pay Here, at Oak Motors.

  • This seller provides quality vehicles that are safety checked for affordable, dependable transportation.
  • If anyone had trouble getting financing due to credit problems, no credit history, or even bankruptcy, they may also help in this case.
  • Their vehicles come with a limited warranty for 36 months or 36,000 miles to keep the vehicle on the road.

Buy Here Pay Here Dealership.

When anyone signs a contract or a bill of sale to purchase a car with a traditional car dealership, they will hand the contract over to an auto lender to finance the auto loan. With a buy here pays here dealership, the dealer will handle the role of selling the vehicle and financing it.

Buy here pay here dealers specialize in car buyers with bad credit or no credit history at all. As lenders may consider the buyer high risk, the car dealer provides the buyer with an opportunity to finance the vehicle with them. However, in case of a financial institution may consider any client as a high-risk borrower, the client is paying a higher interest rate than the average interest rate to pay here dealer to drive away in the new vehicle.